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Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge

26/08/2020 by .
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Andy Mossack discovers climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge at night is a whole different way of getting your adrenaline rush.

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Riding the legendary Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin

18/06/2020 by .
DSC 0064

Terry Marsh experiences a memorable three-day journey cocooned in all-inclusive luxury aboard Australia’s legendary Ghan Express.

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The Hawkesbury River, New South Wales, Australia

08/06/2020 by .
IMG 0008

Australia’s Blue Mountains are a regular stop on the New South Wales tourist trail, but there’s hidden treasure lurking behind those hills.

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Australia’s unexpected hip, chic city of Brisbane

08/10/2019 by .

There’s lots to discover in the thriving cosmopolitan city of Brisbane, with memorable experiences awaiting those who take time out to explore the New World City by the river, as Keith Lyons finds.

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The offbeat side to Sydney, Unmissable.

18/05/2019 by .
the offbeat side to Sydney

Keith Lyons finds out the offbeat side to Sydney. Sydney has its delights with stunning iconic buildings and unspoilt sandy beaches, but how easy is it to find its hidden secrets?

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Insider guide to Sydney in winter

04/07/2018 by .
Harbour Lights 1900x950px

It’s 5.30pm, night is falling, Earth Wind and Fire are boogying on down and I’m busting moves on an illuminated 70s disco dance floor atop Sydney Harbour Bridge. This might sound insane but believe me, it’s a welcome and unexpected finale to my bridge climb.

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Lady Elliot Island

19/01/2017 by .
LEI BarrierReef

Famous for seasonal whale watching, Lady Elliot Island a 3,500 year old coral cay is among the most pristine and untouched sections of the Great Barrier reef. Our small glass bottom boat is bobbing up and down like a cork over the ocean swell   when the skipper jumps for joy shouting “we’ve got one, there’s two now… wow! Just look at them go”.

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Top End Northern Territory

12/04/2016 by .
Top End Northern Territory

Isabel Conway enters Crocodile Dundee terrain as she explores Australia’s Top End Northern Territory.

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The Great Barrier Reef

30/09/2015 by .
gallery mid snorkeller wrasse

Dipping my head under the water and experiencing Australia’s Great Barrier Reef for the first time, I feel I’ve stepped uninvited into  a colourful underwater world where sea life is busily going about its business just like it has for thousands of years. I have to admit I feel a bit of a voyeur, just staring at all the busyness going on around me and then I realise no one down here is remotely interested, even the giant clams seem to look at me in a disdainful sort of way. It’s a busy life and everyone’s got somewhere to go.

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Disability friendly access in Melbourne attractions

02/02/2015 by .
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Melbourne welcomes millions of visitors each year; it is a city that offers something for everyone, and that includes visitors with special mobility needs and other accessibility requirements. The state boasts more than 1000 accessible venues and services and is the first in Australia to provide world-first motorised all-terrain wheelchairs at key destinations. When it comes to disability friendly access in Melbourne attractions here are 12 recommended experiences that are welcoming for visitors requiring wheelchair friendly access 

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