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Canon RC6

10/04/2014 by .
Canon RC61

I love Canon and have been an avid user of their cameras for many years with very little cause for complaint,  apart from the cost of some of Canon’s own accessories. Now at last with Canon RC6 not only have I found a Canon accessory that is reasonably priced it’s actually one of the best accessorises I have ever bought.

I do a lot of hiking and landscape photography and often like to shoot a ‘selfie’ or with my companions in the shot. This will involve setting the timer on my Canon EOS DSLR then dashing into position invariably tripping up on the way or not quite being in position when I do get there. In fact the last few times I’ve actually ‘Photoshopped’ myself into the image after the trip. However now I have the Canon RC6 infra red remote control!

This tiny piece of kit measures only .25in 6.5 x 32 x 63.5mm and is compatible with any Canon EOS camera that has the built in receiver. As long as it has line of sight it will work up to 5metres. The RC-6 also has the option of shooting as the button is pressed or with a 2 second delay. So now no more tripping over cow pats, I can take my time compose the shot, press the trigger and enjoy the result. And all this for under twenty pounds!

Canon RC6 £14.99


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