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Insider Guide to eating in Toulouse, France.

17/10/2022 by .
eating in Toulouse

Amy McPherson eats her way around Toulouse and discovers a gourmet paradise eating in Toulouse in southwest France.

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Reviewed: Le Cottage Bistro, Chonas-L’amballan, France

21/09/2022 by .
bp dccottage cottage 006

Andy Mossack discovers there is gourmet dining amongst the tranquillity of a tiny village near Vienne, France.

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Le Jardin des Plumes. Giverny, Normandy

19/08/2020 by .
Le Jardin des Plumes dining room

Anthea Gerrie eschews dining in Le Jardin des Plumes, Monet’s house, for a local Michelin alternative 

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Eating in Dordogne. A culinary journey through 7 French towns.

11/06/2020 by .


21/12/2017 by .
ALLARD Salle c PierreMonetta

There are some things you just shouldn’t muck around with.  You wouldn’t want the “Hallelujah Chorus” suddenly interrupted by a guitar solo from Slash.  Your Armani suit wouldn’t look any better with a touch of Top Shop around the pockets.  And please don’t say you’d ever buy a brown Ferarri.

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Restaurant Favre d’Anne. Angers

25/07/2016 by .

Epic L’Abeille Restaurant Paris

20/06/2016 by .


26/01/2016 by .
Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée

Is Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athenee one of the best restaurants in Paris? Certainly, the man currently regarded as the god of French cooking has the prettiest room in the most glamorous hotel in town and three Michelin stars.

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Magnificent L’Orangerie du Chateau Restaurant. France

15/06/2015 by .
L'Orangerie du Chateau L’Orangerie du Chateau

Lucy Daltroff heads for the Loire Valley as she dines at L’Orangerie du Chateau Restaurant.

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