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Mount ZIon Hotel

04/08/2017 by .
Mount Zion room shot2

In Jerusalem, where the best hotels are mostly new ones, it’s great to find a perch which is part of the city’s history and whose looks reflect its more exotic times. The Mount Zion served Moslems, Christians and Jews from all the Middle East when it first opened in 1882, and now offers its hospitality to guests of every faith from all over the world.

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Mizpe Hayamim Hotel

15/07/2017 by .

It’s unusual to find a luxury hotel that is so self-sufficient, practically all the food it serves is produced on-site. Self sufficiency aside, Mizpe Hayamim Spa Hotel is perhaps one of the most enchanting hotels I’ve experienced.

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Royal Beach Tel Aviv

14/07/2017 by .
Royal Beach Tel Aviv room

It may have been built with business travellers in mind, but the Royal Beach Tel Aviv gives its leisure-oriented competitors lining the Med a run for their money.

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Royal Beach Eilat

09/05/2017 by .
Royal Beach Eilat credit Ori Akerman

The Royal Beach Eilat may not be the only five-star hotel gracing the Red Sea resort’s broad and beautiful promenade, but it is certainly the most sophisticated.

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Magnificent Waldorf-Astoria Jerusalem Reviewed

12/01/2016 by .
Waldorf-Astoria Jerusalem

Andy Mossack travels to Israel to review the Waldorf-Astoria Jerusalem, following a six-year renovation.

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The Clock Apartments Jaffa

01/04/2014 by .

Early morning in the ancient city of Jaffa and the streets are coming to back to life; the smell of freshly baked bread, car horns bleating from impatient drivers going to work, the sound of shop shutters being raised, a faint chant of a far off muezzin calling to prayer. This is the beating heart of old Jaffa and I love it.

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The Ritz-Carlton Herzliya

17/03/2014 by .
Ritz Herzliya 00036 Gallery

“We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen” so says Gadi Hassin a hotel General Manager well used to Israel’s high end hospitality vagaries we have all come to reluctantly accept; construction not quite finished off properly, landscaping with the odd bit of piping sticking out and service lacking a simple smile or two.

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Brown Hotel. Tel Aviv

11/12/2013 by .

Carmel Forest Spa. Haifa

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Carmel Forest Spa ext

Israel’s Carmel Forest Spa Resort, set in a national forest close to the country’s third city, Haifa, has taken on a challenge. It has set out to dispense relief to the stressed and demanding residents of one of the most dynamic nations on earth. But it has done so with relish since the late 1990’s to become the nation’s top wellness resort.

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The Carlton Hotel, Tel Aviv

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The Carlton hotel tel aviv

Andy Mossack reviews The Carlton Hotel in Tel Aviv, one of the few hotels to have its own beachfront.

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