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Touring the Cabot Trail and Cape Breton. Explode your senses on one of the World’s top 10 scenic drives.

05/12/2023 by .
Touring the Cabot Trail and Cape Breton

Andy Mossack explores touring the Cabot Trail and Cape Breton. A scenic wonder road trip around Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island.

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Insider’s Guide to summer in Whistler, BC

21/10/2022 by .
summer in Whistler.

Amy McPherson visits Whistler outside ski season and discovers a town rich in heritage and art. Welcome to summer in Whistler.

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Insider guide to visiting Quebec, Canada

21/05/2022 by .
visiting Quebec SF Quebec Gaspesesie 015 e1653143471566

After a memorable interview with Caroline Proulx, Quebec’s Minister of Tourism, Stuart Forster tells you everything you need to know about visiting Quebec.

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On the trail of polar bears in Manitoba

12/05/2019 by .
SF CAN MAN Churchill 018

A lone polar bear plods towards us. He’s one of a thousand or so bears populating the western shore of the Hudson Bay in Manitoba, Canada.

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Whale watching in New Brunswick

28/08/2018 by .
Whale watching in New Brunswick

My Whale watching in New Brunswick skipper went by the name of Mackie Greene. The expectation of a ‘Quint’ look alike (Robert Shaw’s boat captain from Jaws) quickly evaporated when he met me at the wharf on Campobello Island.

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Night Photography at Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick

15/01/2018 by .
SF NewBrunswick Hopewell 017

An enjoyable day of photography doesn’t have to end when night descends. While in New Brunswick I joined Kevin Snair, a professional photographer and interpretive guide for a session of night photography in Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park.

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Just for Laughs Festival. Montreal

22/08/2016 by .
Just for Laughs Sign

Canadians are not particularly known for their sense of humour so I was a little sceptical when I heard about the Just for Laughs Festival, particularly as it’s held in, Quebec, where they all speak French.

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Sonora Resort in British Columbia. Stunning wilderness luxury retreat.

02/12/2015 by .

The Canadian. A great train Journey of the World

17/07/2015 by .
top picture

The Canadian is one of the most spectacular train journeys in the world: 4,467km (2,792-mile) across Canada. Four nights, three days gazing at dense boreal forests, magnificent plains and the legendary Canadian Rockies. The steel train crosses over five Canadian states and four time zones.

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Quebec City travel guide

11/02/2015 by .
winter slide

As plains go they were pretty plain. Just a moderate parkland space in the middle of our Quebec City travel guide, with a few hills and trees. But their value in terms of historical significance was immense, because these plains hosted the battle that shaped the whole of north America as we know it today.

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