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Exploring Guyana. South America’s Wild Frontier 

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Insider Guide to Quito

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Insider guide to Quito Plaza San Francisco

Rupert Parker’s Insider Guide to Quito, explores Ecuador’s Capital, the second highest in the world, situated right on the equator.

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Insider Guide to Colca Canyon, Peru

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Insider Guide to Colca Canyon:

Rupert Parker’s Insider Guide to Colca Canyon: a wonder of the world twice as deep as the Grand Canyon.

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Review: Yucatan Flavours Festival, Merida, Mexico

11/12/2022 by .
Yucatan Flavours Festival

Rupert Parker visits Merida for the first “Sabores de Yucatán” Yucatan Flavours festival and also hears about Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022.

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Cycling And Hiking In Colombia

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Petra Shepherd explores Colombia’s varied biking and hiking routes from Bogota to Medellin.

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Exploring the Maya Trail, Mexico

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The Patagonian Lake District. South America’s Switzerland

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The South of Argentina has fairy tale Alpine scenery, magical lakes and mountains and the best chocolate she has ever tasted. Judith Baker explores the Patagonian lakes.

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Insider guide to Buenos Aires.

22/12/2019 by .
Insider guide to Buenos Aires

Andy Mossack explores the iconic beauty and timeless architecture of Argentina’s legendary capital in his insider guide to Buenos Aires

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See Quito like a local

09/10/2019 by .
Calle de la Ronda Quito Ecuador 2015 07 22 DD 215

Andy Mossack explores Quito in the company of a local to uncover the beating heart of Ecuador’s sky-high capital.

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Hiking and Cycling in Colombia

11/03/2019 by .
Lost City Terraces

Who would have thought it? I’m cycling around the centre of Medellin in Colombia, until recently one of the world’s most dangerous cities, with over 6,000 killings recorded in 1991.

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