South America

Exploring the Maya Trail, Mexico

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The Patagonian Lake District. South America’s Switzerland

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The South of Argentina has fairy tale Alpine scenery, magical lakes and mountains and the best chocolate she has ever tasted. Judith Baker explores the Patagonian lakes.

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Insider guide to Buenos Aires

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Late morning and I’m joining in a mate tea ceremony in the shade of a tree in Plaza San Martín de Tours in Recoleta. This is serious stuff. No simple teacups handed out here. This is a ritual and there are very strict rules.

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See Quito like a local

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Hiking and Cycling in Colombia

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Lost City Terraces

Who would have thought it? I’m cycling around the centre of Medellin in Colombia, until recently one of the world’s most dangerous cities, with over 6,000 killings recorded in 1991.

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Holbox International Gastronomy Festival. Mexico

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Colima Girl

Holbox is a tiny island, off the Northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, but every year, for three days, it stages the Holbox International Gastronomy Festival.

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Exploring Brazil’s Mato Grosso

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The magic of Mato Grosso is because it is home to the sprawling Pantanal, the world’s largest wetlands  and lofty ancient Chapada dos Guimaraes. Isabel Conway goes exploring Brazil’s Mato Grosso region.

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Rio de Janeiro. There’s more to Rio than beach

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“Rio de Janeiro is a magical place to be” many people told me.  I remembered this as I crossed the road from the eminent Copacabana Palace Hotel and lay on the legendary shoreline, enjoying the sun and glancing up the hill towards the iconic outstretched figure of “Christ the Redeemer”.

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Brazil. It’s not just about football.

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Mention Brazil to the bloke down the pub, in the creative department of Saatchi, or anywhere you care to mention and you’ll almost always get the same answer – ‘Great looking women, fantastic footie and the music’s not bad either’. And they wouldn’t be wrong. They wouldn’t be right either, because Brazil is everything you imagine and nothing you expect. It is a contradiction of modern capitalism and third world poverty. And it is a land of outrageous beauty and stupefying potential. But at its heart, lies a pulsating energy that simply refuses to go away.

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Machu Picchu, Cuzco and Peru’s Undiscovered Sacred Valley

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