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The Weekender Bag from Stubble & Co.

13/05/2021 by .
sams6626 02 lite locked spinner 69cm 25inch off white

Samsonite Lite-Locked Suitcase review

Samsonite knows a thing or two about luggage, after all it has been producing innovative and award winning baggage since 1910. With a track record like that it’s no wonder there are solutions in its portfolio for just about every possible travel scenario, and what I like is it continues to introduce and enhance. Following on from the success of the all-conquering Cosmoilite hard case series, the Samsonite Lite-Locked suitcase is effectively the next generation version and in my view a worthy successor.

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PowerMonkey Discovery1

PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Discovery review. Elegant Mobile Charger

How many times have you found yourself almost out of battery power for one of your mobile devices? If you are anything like me, the very thought of having a dead iPhone or tablet while I’m on the move, brings me out in a cold sweat. Our addiction to being on-line 24 hours a day […]

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Canon RC61

Canon RC6

I love Canon and have been an avid user of their cameras for many years with very little cause for complaint,  apart from the cost of some of Canon’s own accessories. Now at last with Canon RC6 not only have I found a Canon accessory that is reasonably priced it’s actually one of the best accessorises […]

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New Asus Transformer Pad TF701T announced 795x413

Asus Transformer Pad TF 701. A tablet to beat the iPad?

Is the Asus Transformer Pad TF701 really a contender to beat the iPad?  Apple is fending off assaults on all fronts these days with varying degrees of success. A brand that was not just a market leader but redefined and created market sectors has lost its visionary development and let its competitors catch up.

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yurbuds e1394202165997

yurbuds Signature Series ITE 100

I have what is commonly known as shallow ear canals. It’s not worth looking up, but it creates a problem with me using normal ear bud phones as they always fall out. Not good when all I want them for is when I’m cycling or hiking.

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Heat Holders Socks: Ultimate warmth for those chilly slopes

The Russians have a saying “there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing”  and in my opinion never a truer word spoken. There is a long standing rule that as long as your head and feet are well insulated, you’ll be able to brave chilling conditions for longer and in this season […]

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