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TiaTia, Porto, Portugal

12/04/2022 by .

Eating out on the Algarve. Exploring Portugal’s delicious coastal menus

03/08/2020 by .

Eating Algarve. Uncover delicious menus on Portugal’s coast.

01/04/2019 by .

Great Insider guide to Madeira’s restaurants

19/06/2018 by .
Guide To Madeira's Restaurants

Terry Marsh is a veteran of Madeira having spent over fifteen years writing about the island. Here, he gives us his Insider guide to Madeira’s restaurants. His favourite restaurants and foods you can find on the island

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JNcQUOI, Lisbon

10/06/2018 by .

My wife says she’s been dining out with a dinosaur for years, but this was the first time I had. The dinosaur in question was the centrepiece of the restaurant JNcQUOI in central Lisbon.

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Insider Guide to Fine Dining in Lisbon

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Casa do Lago

07/12/2017 by .
Casa do Lago

Late November and the lunchtime crowd at Casa do Lago is looking a little bit thin. Admittedly it is out of season, yet the unusually warm sunny weather has brought the few of us out onto the lakeside terrace to eat.

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Pizzeria CasaVostra 

05/12/2017 by .
IMG 1442CB edited

The Algarvian town of Almancil might not be high on your list of dining destinations seeing as the famed Quinta do Lago is almost next door, but take it from me, you won’t want to miss this one.

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Il Gallo d’Oro. Funchal

05/05/2016 by .

Bovino Steakhouse. Quinta do Lago

23/10/2015 by .
Bovino Main 3

There’s a new kid (or perhaps I should say calf) on the block at Quinta do Lago, one of Europe’s most prestigious golf resorts. The Bovino Steakhouse is the latest dining offer at Quinta which already boasts some pretty tough competition, particularly Casa do Largo, it’s signature lakeside fish restaurant, that has attained almost legendary status on the Algarve.

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