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Grand Tour of Switzerland Part 2

27/07/2016 by .

Andy Mossack continues his iconic drive on the Grand Tour of Switzerland second leg we pick up his story in Ascona, deep in Switzerland’s Italian speaking region and journey around to Neuchatel.

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Grand Tour of Switzerland

27/07/2016 by .

Join Andy Mossack in this three part series as he drives the iconic 1,600 kilometre Grand Tour of Switzerland, a unique route now made even more accessible by new bespoke road signs throughout Switzerland.

Zurich is undeniably hot and sunny as I drive out of the airport at the start of my 1,600 kilometre Grand Tour of Switzerland.  The Europcar agent’s parting words on my first overnight stop still ringing in my ears. “Bad Ragaz? Man that’s a beautiful drive.”

You can take the Grand Tour of Switzerland in either direction, but as this is after all, the country of clocks, I thought it more fitting to go in a clockwise direction. A unique drive covering Switzerland’s must-see destinations, but taking local roads wherever possible.

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Andermatt. In the footsteps of James Bond

20/08/2015 by .
1280px Andermatt

Admittedly I am driving a classic Morgan, but in my head it is an Aston Martin. Nevertheless I am hurtling down the twisty Oberalp Pass towards Andermatt, with the top down enjoying the hot summer sun and feeling distinctly like a secret agent. Actually I’m lying about the hurtling bit, you never hurtle in a Morgan, you just glide and make sure everyone can see you.

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Graubünden is not just for skiing

10/12/2014 by .
Schlitteln Berguen d4d303eb71

It can be quite intimidating if you are the only person on the ski trip who doesn’t ski, but fear not because Graubünden offers plenty of exciting alternatives, so it seems Graubünden is not just for skiing.

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Climbing the Eiger by train

07/10/2014 by .
JB 008 Tunneleingang

The Eiger’s north face was looking particularly sinister today as I peeked out at it from the window of the Jungfrau Wengernalp, the world’s longest cogwheel railway, as it climbed closer, the peak invisible, surrounded by cloud cover. Climbing the Eiger by train was in my view infinitely more healthy than attempting it on foot, after all, there is a pretty lengthy list of climbers who tried and never made it back alive.

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Clinique La Prairie, Lake Geneva

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La Prairie lakeside yoga

It has taken nearly a century to evolve from a quirky alternative health centre to a full-service spa where you no longer have to give blood before you get beautified.

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