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Travelling Kentucky

28/09/2015 by .

Joe is driving me to Covington, after picking me up at Cincinnati airport, which happens to be in Kentucky and not Ohio but that’s another story. The point is, he casually mentions “I’m picking up Tony Bennett next.” I can’t help feeling a little bit special now, having Tony play second fiddle to me, clearly, I’m thinking, Northern Kentucky is a very welcoming part of the world. Joe it transpires, is the Covington chauffeur to the stars; Elton John, and even Kiss front man Gene Simmons are regular passengers. I feel my special status expanding by the second.

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25/08/2014 by .

Where in the world can you view Keith Moon’s platform shoes, Jimmy Hendrix’s Stratocaster and the largest collection of Beatles memorabilia anywhere? In Cleveland Ohio, that’s where. The place literally rocks, I am told.

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